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Spyridon Giasafakis is a Greek artist and musician currently based in London, UK. He holds a B.A. in sculpture from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a Post Graduate Diploma from Byam Shaw School of Art(St Martins)and a Masters in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art. In 1994 he formed the musical ensemble “Daemonia Nymphe”. The ensemble uses reproductions of ancient Greek instruments and ancient Greek text.


My work is like a diary, a constitution of our every day activities.
A construction made of our ritualized repetitive actions. The remains of our daily lives create a mass, composing an image that can receive many different forms.
If Peter Greenaway’s film “the cook the thief, his wife and her lover” suggest that we are what we eat(or what we read according to the “Prospero’s books”) then our remains may produce a visual form which can be translated as a constitution of traces that we leave behind retaining our existence.

I try to create installations using mass produced objects that give birth to a new form made of these every day repetitive activities. I am interested in the metamorphosis of the every day object and in the ritualistic aspect of the every day commonness.

The Greek word metamorphosis consists of two words: the word “meta” which means after, something that will follow from a previous state to a future one, and “morphe” which can be translated as a “form” or a “shape”.

The material I am using pre-exists in a state of its own and I intend to transfer it to a new one guided by our everyday actions. By denaturing every day activities into concrete objects I intend to construct a monument to every day life, a monument to out devouring habits and our existence.